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Places in Malawi with NY

Search and find places in Malawi with first letters NY.

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Alphabetical index of places in Malawi with NY

There are 62 places in Malawi beginning with 'NY' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Nyachikadza   to   Nyombe
Places in Malawi with NY
Nyachikadza Nyachikadza1.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyalugwe Nyalugwe2.Northern Region Northern Region-
Nyalunga Nyalunga3.Central Region Central Region-
Nyalwanga Nyalwanga4.Central Region Central Region-
Nyama Nyama5.Central Region Central Region-
Nyamasi Nyamasi6.Central Region Central Region-
Nyamawende Nyamawende7.Central Region Central Region-
Nyamazani Nyamazani8.Central Region Central Region-
Nyambadwe Nyambadwe9.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyambalo Nyambalo10.Central Region Central Region-
Nyambi Nyambi11.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyambosi Nyambosi12.Northern Region Northern Region-
Nyamkhwa Nyamkhwa13.Central Region Central Region-
Nyampalu Nyampalu14.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyamula Nyamula15.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyamula Nyamula16.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyamuna Nyamuna17.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyamwelo Nyamwelo18.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyandule Nyandule19.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyanga Nyanga20.Central Region Central Region-
Nyanga Nyanga21.Central Region Central Region-
Nyangamile Nyangamile22.Central Region Central Region-
Nyangatayani Nyangatayani23.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyango Nyango24.Central Region Central Region-
Nyangu Nyangu25.Central Region Central Region-
Nyangula Nyangula26.Central Region Central Region-
Nyangulu Nyangulu27.Central Region Central Region-
Nyani Nyani28.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyanje Nyanje29.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyanjereze Nyanjereze30.Central Region Central Region-
Nyanthumbi Nyanthumbi31.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyanya Nyanya32.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyanya Nyanya33.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyanyika Nyanyika34.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyapambere Nyapambere35.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyathando Nyathando36.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyawa Nyawa37.Central Region Central Region-
Nyazomwe Chima Nyazomwe Chima38.Northern Region Northern Region-
Nyenda Nyenda39.Central Region Central Region-
Nyenga Nyenga40.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyenje Nyenje41.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyenje Nyenje42.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyenjere Nyenjere43.Central Region Central Region-
Nyezani Nyezani44.Central Region Central Region-
Nyezerera Nyezerera45.Southern Region Southern Region-
Nyirenda Nyirenda46.Northern Region Northern Region-
Nyirenda Nyirenda47.Northern Region Northern Region-
Nyirongo Nyirongo48.Northern Region Northern Region-
Nyoka Nyoka49.Central Region Central Region-
Nyombe Nyombe50.Central Region Central Region-

1 - 50 of 62 places
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